Manifest Destiny

Depression and Obsession define my generation
Regression is a reflection of our mental penetration
Aborted obligations, dreams become forgotten
Razor blade scars symbolic of whats rotten
My hand reaches out, to no avail
Please, someone hear me, before our final fail
Identity shook with nowhere to turn
(Look) gaze up, (look) and to down, place my ashes (body) anywhere but ground
Its a (cold cold)world in dismay
Our role models have went missing
never again to convey
No boys, nor girls, no black or white
One race, one gender
Universal rights, just a blender
Glued to our screens
Nuclear machines
Microwavable dinner, such a winner
Communication, lost in translation
Morals, values once a must
Can you hear the cries from lack of sensation
False love, true lust
Tell me now will I ever be enough
Our culture is lost
Where is the balance?
From the pain and trauma
We are now emotionally callused

Author:  -N.R.



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